A Russian dairy farmer has filled his barn with two rows of mounted HDTVs for his cows to view at their leisure. The theory is that a happy cow is a milky cow and what better way to bring a smile to a Friesian then by letting it watch a looped video of green Alpine pastures all day long?

As it goes, these are some very lucky cows indeed. Their boss hasn't just bought any old sets. He's shelled out for a job lot of award winning 40-inch Samsung 7 Series LED TVs - a darn site better than what most humans have sitting in their living rooms.

Whether this is actually going to work or not is another matter and you'd have to wonder what kind of crazy settings the TVs are going to need to be on to maximum the effect for these red-green colour blind mammals. It seems a shame to waste the extended colour gamut on them but, then, we hear that cows are into contrast anyway.

Should production increase, we're expecting the installation of a home cinema system and 3D glasses on all the cows.