Samsung Mobile Display has announced that it'll soon begin mass producing a touch function AMOLED panel - a product that it claims is the first of its kind. The 3.3-inch WVGA display will start rolling off conveyor belts in March.

I know what you're thinking - you're reading Pocket-lint's mobile homepage and you're using an OLED touchscreen right now - on a Samsung Galaxy i7500, for example, or a Nexus One. Well, in your phone the touchscreen was manufactured separately from the OLED, then the two were placed over each other in production - Samsung has now managed to combine the two into one piece.

The touch sensor part is just 0.001mm thick, meaning that OLED touchscreen devices will get smaller, and likely cheaper because you're just buying one component, rather than two. OLED displays are generally brighter, have a better contrast ratio, and use less power than a traditional TFT.

Samsung said: "Through mass production, we want to make this touch embedded AMOLED panel number one in the LCD and AMOLED market. Also, we want to mass produce touch screens and construct a system so that we can expand the display market".

We'll keep you posted of further developments as OLEDs slowly replace the TFT.