Samsung has announced three new ranges of HDTVs that are equipped to display 3D content. The 9000, 8000 and 7000 ranges all carry LED backlighting, and run the gamut from high- to lower-end.

The 9000s are the stars of the show. This flagship range is as thick as a pencil, and has a touchscreen remote control that can double as traditional number buttons and a QWERTY keyboard.

That remote control can also display television on it, if you're watching a Blu-ray disc on the main TV, Samsung's Omnia 2 handset can function as a remote control for the television too. It even has a proximity sensor built in that detects when you approach the device and exposes the control panel.

There's less detail available about the 8000 and 7000 ranges - they both have "Design Inspired by Nature", according to the company, and can access Samsung's grand unified application store for widgets to enhance the functionality of the device.

As well as these LEDs, Samsung also announced an LCD range - the LCD750 - and a Plasma range - the PDP7000. The latter is 1.4-inches thick. Samsung has roped in Dreamworks and Technicolor as content partners and will be working with them to produce 3D content for all its displays.

Lastly, Samsung announced that it'll soon be selling bundles of 3DTVs, 3D Blu-ray players and 3D home theatre audio systems that it hopes will really push 3D capability into people's homes at an affordable price. More on those when we get it.