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(Pocket-lint) - Roku has announced the Roku TV Ready programme, designed to ensure that there's seamless integration between Roku TV models and accessories like receivers and soundbars.

The programme will ensure that when you connect your device to a Roku TV, it recognises it for an easy setup process and control with your Roku remote. The aim is to have the TV automatically configure for the device that you've attached, a soundbar for example, so there's no messing around with trying to get various settings it to work.

Roku has confirmed that TCL will be the first partner on the Roku TV Ready programme and that Sound United - parent company of Denon, Marantz, Polk and other audio brands - will also feature Roku TV ready on Denon soundbars - to be delivered via a software update later in 2020.

The Roku TV ready badge will appear on devices so you know they have been tested, so you know that it's a good match for your Roku TV.

Once setup, you'll be able to access integrated sound controls via the * button on your Roku remote.

The Roku TV Ready features will arrive on Roku OS thanks to a software update during 2020. Roku TV models have been available in the US for about 5 years, more recently spreading to the UK with the launch of the Hisense B7120.

Roku recently confirmed that it has a userbase of 30+ million and we've always found the Roku experience great for streaming content, with coverage of the major services and easy searching.

Writing by Chris Hall.