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(Pocket-lint) - Roku is said to be in talks with Apple about support for AirPlay 2 - which could see support for Apple's wireless technology on just about any TV out there. 

AirPlay, Apple's proprietary wireless feature, allows users of Apple devices to send content to other supporting devices. It has been the preserve of Apple's own hardware for the past few years, supported by the likes of Apple TV and the HomePod.

AirPlay 2 is the most recent iteration of this format, increasing the features offered, but also signalling a shift in how AirPlay is deployed. Apple first announced that it would be supported by a range of third-party speaker manufacturers, before confirming that it would be available on a range of third-party TVs too. 

Samsung was the first to break this announcement at the start of 2019, but it's clear that many more are lining up to support the format. Roku now joins the fray, according to a source talking to MacRumors. 

The report says that AirPlay 2 support is likely to be part of a Roku OS update, meaning that it will come to Roku devices. Potentially that means that you could add AirPlay 2 support to your TV using one of Roku's HDMI sticks or set-top boxes.

There's no word on what devices might be supported (the cheapest Roku device is £30/$30), but wide support would provide a very easy upgrade path for anyone with a TV equipped with an HDMI connection. 

It's said that support should come to Roku's TVs too, with mention that there could be an Apple Music app, allowing direct playback of that service on Roku devices

The expansion of support for AirPlay 2 is thought by many to be Apple's way of laying the groundwork for the launch of its TV service in 2019. With hardware sales slowing, the company looks to be expanding its content services - and providing seamless access to music and TV content is going to be a key component in that. 

There's no word on when or how the update might roll out and Roku has been in contact to confirm that it doesn't comment on rumour or speculation.

Writing by Chris Hall.