(Pocket-lint) - Roku has announced that it will be bringing its new Enhanced Voice Search feature to the 4K-enabled Streaming Stick+ and the companion Roku Mobile App from 1 May, as part of the new Roku OS 8.1 rollout. Enhanced Voice Search is already enabled in the US, but will now be making its way to the UK.

The Streaming Stick+ and mobile app already support voice search, but the new enhanced version will be able to understand more natural language and more specific commands. For example, if you want to watch films featuring Jim Carrey, you would currently just need to say his name and the app or Roku device will return all films featuring him.

With enhanced search, you will be able to narrow that selection down straight away, by saying "show me comedies with Jim Carrey" and you will be given a more curated selection of films. 

Enhanced search will also let you open any apps you have installed using your voice too, for example "launch Netflix" or "open Sky News". 

Lloyd Klarke, Director of Product Management at Roku said: "We want to get our customers to the show they want to watch quickly, Enhanced voice search makes it even easier for our users to find new movies and TV shows to watch."

Writing by Max Langridge.