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(Pocket-lint) - Roku has announced a new software update that is available now for select Roku streaming devices and all Roku TVs. The update brings with it two big features, although these are reserved solely for Roku TVs, which for now are only available in the US.

The first feature is live pause, which as the name suggests lets you pause live TV. Roku says you can pause digital broadcasts for up to 90 minutes, although you will need a USB flash drive with at least 16GB of space to use the feature.

The other feature is mobile private listening. This feature is already available on some of Roku's more premium streaming devices, such as the Roku 3 in the UK. With it, you're able to connect a pair of headphones to the supplied remote control to divert the sound from the TV, so you can listen in private.

roku os 7 5 rolling out from today includes live pause and private listening image 2

The feature is now being made available for all Roku TV models by way of the mobile app for iOS and Android. Instead of connecting headphones to a remote control, you can connect them to your smartphone to listen in private. To enable the feature, your mobile device will need to be connected to the same network as your Roku TV.

Roku is also introducing a new audio guide for select players: the Streaming stick in the UK and the five new players released in the US. The audio guide can help with navigating menus and is activated by pressing the * button four times.

Roku players that come with remote controls with volume buttons, such as the streaming stick and Roku 3 in the UK, can now be used to control the volume of your TV or AV receiver if it supports HDMI via CEC (Consumer Electronics Control).

Multiple users can now connect to a Roku player and use the Play on Roku feature, which lets you instantly share photos on your TV. Finally, Roku has implemented a number of updates to improve the overall streaming performance of all players, and the Streaming Stick can now automatically detect the TV's display setting and select the best setting for itself based on the resolution of the TV.

The Roku OS 7.5 update is available now to download for free and you can check to see if your player is ready to be updated by going into the settings menu.

Writing by Max Langridge. Originally published on 1 November 2016.