The Roku 4 has been unveiled and as the name suggests it'll be packing 4K video playback.

Another new feature is a remote that should never be lost down the back of the sofa again. The Roku 4 remote can let you know where it is at the touch of a button on the player. There will also be support for voice search as well as a headphone jack in the remote for private listening.

The 4K stream will not only be UHD quality but will also support up to 60fps playback. It will use HDCP 2.2, optical audio out and 802.11ac Wi-Fi for connectivity.

The support for 4K is specifically tailored for that content. There will be a curated 4K spotlight channel that offers movies and shows as well as access to content from Netflix, M-Go, Amazon Instant Video, ToonGoogles, Vudu and You Tube.

There will also be a 4K UHD category within the Roku Store to make finding content simple.

Despite being a 4K streamer it will still work just fine with 1080p feeds for other televisions too.

The Roku mobile app is available for iOS and Android and allows full control via a smartphone as well as the ability to play content from the device on the big screen. This will also, soon, offer on the go access to Roku content from the phone.

The Roku is available to order today for delivery in late October. It is priced at $130 which is about £85.

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