(Pocket-lint) - Last week a couple of separate reports suggested that not only is Roku planning a new set-top-box, but that it is likely to feature 4K video output. Now an FCC posting has been unearthed that shows a schematic of the new box and confirms that it is indeed coming soon.

The Federal Communications Commission has to approve devices that use wireless communications technologies for sale in the US, so invariably all phones, tablets and other home electronics that required Wi-Fi, etc, have to comply with its standards. Bar some instances where secrecy is paramount, they can often be found under codenames or serials on the FCC site and that's the case with the new Roku box.

Named 4400X on the site, it is believed that the new streamer will be called the Roku 4 and while there is no mention of a 4K video output - after all, the FCC is concerned with wireless communications specifications only - the Wi-Fi chip in the new device is capable of 802.11ac connectivity, which has the necessary bandwidth to carry the extra data needed for 4K streams.

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It also supports Bluetooth, so either the remote will not require line-of-sight - much the same as the Roku 3 or Streaming Stick remotes - or a range of accessories are also forthcoming. Gaming maybe, considering that's also a big focus for rivals like the new Fire TV box from Amazon, the new Apple TV or Nvidia's Shield Android TV box.

We're sure to find out soon, anyway. An FCC filing often means a product is around the corner.

Writing by Rik Henderson.