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(Pocket-lint) - Roku is expected to unveil two new boxes in the coming days as upgrades for the Roku 2 and Roku 3.

The new Roku 2 and Roku 3 appeared on two retailer sites in Best Buy Canada and Zones. According to Best Buy the expected availability date will be 13 April. So expect an announcement officially from Roku soon.

The new boxes are expected to offer upgraded specs for faster processing with the innards of the new Roku 2 similar to the Roku 3. This should also help to allow for the new voice control features that were mentioned as present on the Roku 3 box.

The box appears to have a different front LED with it running horizontally rather than vertical.

Expect to see more quick launch buttons on the remote for Google apps including YouTube, and Google Play. However the headphones that came with the remote on the first Roku 2 appear to have been ditched in the new model.

A Roku 4K box was rumoured at CES. There is no reference to the new Roku 2 or Roku 3 being able to support 4K but upgraded innards could make way for that in the future.

The Roku 3 is listed at $135 which is about £92 with the Roku 2 at $95 which is about £65. These are a fair amount less than the current boxes so we're taking those prices with a pinch of salt.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.