Roku has announced that it is bringing the Roku 3 to the UK as well as launching two new Roku set-top boxes at the same time in the US, UK, Ireland and Canada.

The new boxes - which come with a new user interface and replace some, but not all the Roku boxes on the market - will be available in October as the company looks to capitalise on the popularity of on-demand services like BBC iPlayer, Netflix and others.

The Roku 1 will be the new entry level box. It will cost £59.99 and be an entry level proposition for those who want to access Roku's large catalogue of streaming apps but without the bells and whistles.

The Roku 2, costs £79.99, and features a clever wireless remote control that not only doesn't need to have line of sight to work, but also allow you to plug in a pair of headphones and listen to whatever is playing without disturbing others in the house.

It's the Roku 3, at £99.99, where Roku pulls out all the stops in terms of tech specs and performance. Featuring a processor with a similar spec to the iPad 3, the new model will replace the Roku XS in the UK and feature the same remote as the Roku 2.  But it will also add Ethernet support USB for connecting storage media, and motion control to the remote so you can play games like Angry Birds by swishing your remote around in your living room.

All new Roku players feature an updated design and support 1080p video playback.