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(Pocket-lint) - Roku, the leading streaming platform in the US and suppliers of what we like to call smart TV adapters, has announced that it is launching in the UK and Ireland. Two models of Roku will be available.

The Roku 2 XS provides support for up to 1080p video and features a motion-controlled Bluetooth game remote for casual gaming, as well as a microSD card slot for storing games you download. It comes with a copy of Angry Birds to get you started. It features both an Ethernet port and Wi-Fi for connection to your network. It costs £99.99.

The Roku LT is more affordable at £49.99 and only offers 720p video support and offers Wi-Fi. Both Roku models can be connected to your TV via RCA or HDMI, so will be compatible with just about any TV you can find.

The Roku hardware then provides a platform for streaming content to your TV, with the company saying there will be more than 40 channels available at launch. Of course, many will have seen this sort of solution on Smart TVs, and in the case of Roku you get Netflix support, which has also just launched in the UK.

Sports channels are highlighted, as is music from Classical TV and TuneIn radio. You'll be able to access Facebook and Flickr content, as well as other sources. No mention of domestic services like BBC iPlayer or 4OD as you'll find on the likes of the Xbox 360.

But hopefully that will change: "In addition to Netflix, we are launching with a variety of entertainment channels and look forward to expanding our content selection in the same way that we have in the US where we have more than 400 channels today", said Clive Hudson, vice president and general manager for Europe at Roku.

Whilst Roku won't cost you anything once you've paid for the box, you will need to have subscriptions to sign-in to some services, for example Netflix.

Both Roku models are said to be up for preorder on Amazon.co.uk, but we've yet to find them. We'll be looking to examine both models in more detail when they do land, so stay tuned for a full review.

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Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 16 April 2013.