Qualcomm is hoping to change the way we watch television with a new portable TV that doesn't need you to be plugged into an aerial on the top of your house.

Called Flo TV, the technology, which is already available on mobile phones from LG and HTC, has spawned a dedicated portable TV called the Flo TV Personal Television.

The device, previously rumoured and due in time for "the Holidays" and made by HTC, will feature a 3.5-inch screen, built in speakers, a 3.5mm stereo jack, and a kick out stand so you can perch it on a desk or table.

Qualcomm says that it will offer 5 hours of viewing time from a single charge and that you'll be able to get up to 20 channels ranging through news, kids and entertainment.

"Our intent is to make Flo TV available to all", Michael Hirsch from FLO TV told Pocket-lint.

The device will cost $250, although users will have to sign up to a further subscription to access the television channels each month.

Stone says that pricing has yet to be fully finalised, however consumers looking to watch TV on the go can expect to pay from $8.99 a month with monthly and yearly packages available.

Those thinking that a 3.5-inch isn't really big enough should hold their breath. Hirsch confirmed to us that the company was working on more devices.

"We expect to see more devices and different form factors in the future," he said.

Promising national US coverage by the end of 2009, Hirsch was keeping quiet on whether or not the new TV would make it outside of the US and to the UK. Qualcomm already owns the spectrum in the UK to offer the FLO TV service, however as yet hasn't turned it on.