Thin slimline televisions that could be carried around and watched wherever you go could be available from next year if the latest rumours from the internet are true.

Qualcomm is reportedly the latest company to be getting into the tablet market as manufacturers fall over themselves to get in on the rumour mill.

According to gadget site, GDGT, the chip maker more famous for providing the back bone to the majority of smartphones on the market will turn its hand to creating a tablet to allow people to tap into its FLO TV service available in the US, and possibly on the cards in the UK.

The FLO TV Personal Television, or PTV, as it will be supposedly known will allow users to watch television on the go thanks to a signal beamed over the air very much like digital television.

Already available on some mobile phones and even in the back of car headrests in the US the move would be a logical one for the company.

In 2008 Qualcomm bought spectrum from the UK government to possibly launch the service in the UK however has yet to confirm any further plans.

GDGT even has a concept design, by Frog in California, and a rough spec outline of touchscreen, 4GB of memory, built-in stereo speakers, and enough battery life for 300 hours of standby, 5 hours of TV, and 15 hours of music.