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(Pocket-lint) - American audio manufacturer Polk Audio has announced the Signa Solo soundbar. At £149, it's the company's most affordable model and offers an affordable entry point to improve the sound from your flat screen TV.

Sound is fired out from four 2.5-inch full-range speaker drivers hidden behind the front grille. Because there's no wireless subwoofer with the Signa Solo, the drivers take care of all the frequencies, including low-end bass.

Polk Audio says the drivers and their built-in bass ports are more than capable of producing room-filling sound, so you won't be left wanting more bass that a subwoofer would provide.

Polk's proprietary Voice Adjust technology is onboard the Signa Solo, which lets you adjust the voice level depending on what you're watching, to ensure vocals are clear and direct. The same technology can be found on Polk's more expensive Magnifi Max SR soundbar, so the Signa Solo doesn't exactly scrimp on features considering the price.

There are three different EQ presets: Movie, Music and Night, which automatically adjust the sound profile depending on source material and whether you want to avoid waking the neighbours.

Connecting to a TV is a simple as plugging in an optical cable, or if music playback is your intended use, then the built-in Bluetooth provides wireless streaming from mobile devices.

Michael Greco, global brand director, Polk Audio said: "For users who need a simple solution to quickly and easily improve their TV and movie experience at home with no hassle, the Signa Solo is the perfect option."

"It delivers Polk’s immersive sound, can be connected in a matter of minutes with a simple optical cable and is easily controlled via any TV remote – no programming necessary."

The Polk Audio Signa Solo is available now in black for £149.

Writing by Max Langridge. Editing by Adrian Willings. Originally published on 19 September 2017.