Polaroid and RealD, the maker of most of the 3D glasses you'll find in a cinema near you, have just signed a global deal to create a range of Polaroid Premium 3D Eyewear.

"Polaroid Premium 3D Eyewear promises a range of custom frames with precisely curved lenses so moviegoers can fully experience RealD 3D with an uncompromising field of vision and a pair of glasses to match their personal style", said Joseph Peixoto, president of Worldwide Cinema at RealD.

Polaroid Eyewear's launch collection features a range of appealing designs to satisfy demand from all types of movie-goers, the company claims, with even prescription lens wearers not forgotten.

There is even a junior style for the younger audience to enjoy.

If that wasn't enough to get you to sign on the dotted line, the product is also fully UV-protective so that a consumer can choose to wear the product outdoors without risk of UV damage.