Philips has revealed its uWand "remote touch" pointer technology for both PCs and TVs. The company says the solution "supersedes the traditional remote control" to give users "fluid 3D gesture control of electronic devices" in new "lean-back interaction".

Describing how the tech works, Philips says: "Consumers sitting on a sofa simply point the uWand in the appropriate direction, click to make selections and move the uWand to interact with screen menus, and manipulate objects such as photos, as if they were actually touching them".

The uWand system has a small camera embedded in the remote control that identifies "beacons" built into the target device and a small bar, similar to the one the Nintendo Wii uses.

"The traditional remote control, with its 50 or more buttons, simply isn't keeping pace with modern interactive television. uWand's gesture-based control removes the need for all the buttons yet provides a much expanded range of interaction", says a uWand bod.