According to Philips one of the main reasons people hesitate to splash out on a Blu-ray player is due to the slow start up times associated with many players.

In an attempt to "satisfy" such viewers' "demands" Philips has announced the launch of the BDP7300 which presumably addresses this issue, but with no clarification in the info provided on just how speedy that start up process is, other than it's "quick".

What Philips does say is that the BDP7300 offers 1080p 24fps full HD imagery and can upscale existing DVDs to "near" 1080p HD quality.

There's support for both Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio Essential 7.1 decoding, HDMI v1.3 with Deep Color tech and support for DivX, AVC HD, WMV, MP3, WMA and JPGs with a USB port for external device hook up.

The BDP7300 is a Profile 2.0 player with BD Live functionality and the required internal memory, in this case, 1GB. There's also HDMI CEC for universal remote lovers.

The BDP7300 will be launched in June with an estimated selling price of £249.