Philips has officially unveiled its super wide widescreen TV in the UK on Thursday as it attempts to offer something different to consumers aside from just another thin TV set.

The new model, called Cinema 21:9, will for the time being only come as a 56-inch model which will offer a 21:9 ratio screen. The result means that movies shot in the 2.39:1 format will completely fill the screen.

"It will be exactly as you experience at the cinema", Philips says.

For content in the more traditional 16:9 ratio (standard widescreen) the television will use "advanced formatting technology" to fill the screen.

"We don't have a TV suitable to viewing movies until now", a spokesman said, trying to justify why you would want the new model from the company.

Clearly aiming the TV at men (with female endorsement) the company is hoping to capture the imagination of those who like to go to the cinema rather than your average EastEnders viewer.

The new television will of course feature the company's Ambilight technology on three sides, feature the company's 2009 panel display, along with ethernet and internet capabilities and 5 HDMI sockets.

Those looking for the full picture will be able to get the television with a 7.1 home cinema system and Blu-ray player.

However those looking to rid themselves of the black bars might be disappointed - while widescreen movies will be okay, anything that isn't broadcast in 16:9 you will get black bars on either side rather than top and bottom.

In an attempt to make it easy to use, Philips has said that it will include the instruction manual on the TV rather than a "weighty" block of paper.

Philips says that the television will be available in Spring 2009 with possibly more models coming in the future.

UPDATE: As we predicted the television has been priced around £3500 and available in June.