With the announcement of Philips' new widescreen ratio television, what are going to be some of the greatest movies to watch on it if you plump for the 21:9 ratio 56-inch LCD television?

Here are the ones we can't wait to watch when we get it in for review:

Die Hard

Shot in 70mm for that even bigger picture in the cinema, Die Hard is all about making you feel claustrophobic, and it’s certainly likely to do that when you watch Bruce Willis on the 29:1ratio 56-inch screen. We would love to see that scene when he is in the ventilator shaft. “Yippekayay mother***ker!”

Star Wars

Okay, so we know it's pretty obvious, but this is one of the films that when we thought black bars top and bottom, first sprung to mind. Whether it’s those wide desert vistas on Tatooine as Luke looks for C-3PO or the dark space sequence as Luke tries to bring down the Death Star it's likely to be all good. Feel the Force Luke.


Space, computer animations, Pixar doing what they do best plus the Blu-ray edition makes this one we want to check out on the new Cinema TV. We bet those opening sequences on planet Earth are stunning, the space dance even more so. Plus the friendly colours should make the Ambilight elements shine out even more.

Apocalypse Now Redux

The definitive version of Coppola’s Vietnam epic. There is something special about watching those UH-1 choppers fly over Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries in any size, but in super widescreen, you’d fall right into it. Just think of that jungle boat ride into the heart of darkness. It has us positively salivating.

Casino Royale

A new Bond for a new generation. Daniel Craig emerging out of the water in super widescreen might be what you need to convince the wife to let you buy a new TV. And just imagine watching that Aston Martin flipping down the road – all the way across your wall.