Philips' slimline Essence TV - that we brought you news of from its IFA launch - has been announced for the UK market.

The Essence screen, or the 42PES0001 if you'd prefer, measures 38mm wide, weighs in at 16kg and comes with a "simple 'smart' levelling" bracket - all of which are cited as reasons folk can actually get the thing wall hung.

How has Philips made the TV thin and light? By offering a separate hub that does all the hard work - and a detachable sound bar that needs to be hung under the telly.

The separate hub takes care of all of the inputs and performs all of the image processing, it can be housed out of sight with up to a 4- metre range, but all that wall hung glory might be ruined by the necessary cable that has to hook up to the TV.

With a 100Hz, Full HD screen, the TV boasts Philips' Perfect Pixel HD Engine, three HDMi ports, 2ms response time and a dynamic contrast ratio of 66,000:1.

The Essence TV, complete with matching slimline metal remote measuring 11mm thick, is available from December with an estimated selling price of £1999.