Philips has announced the launch of a range of swappable faceplates for its televisions at its annual Simplicity event.

According to the consumer electronics giant who once famously said that it planned to take the electronics out of consumer electronics, the new faceplates will work in a similar way to the Xbox 360 and allow you to customise your television to match your décor.

Called "Flavors", (yes without the u) the new flat high-gloss white TV will feature removable frames. The removable frames are available in a variety of colors and patterns that can be customised and taken on and off the front of the TV in a matter of seconds. A matching Flavors home theater system also has interchangeable frames.

"Flavors is targeted at consumers who want fashionable objects for their home", Philips said in a statement.

According to the company, the Flavors TV has been specially designed to hang on the wall. Philips provides a wall mounting system. The wall mounting system is only 16mm thick.

To match that white design you'll get white cables and even the remote control is in high-gloss white to match the "pure design" of the television.

As a final touch, the Flavors products come with a choice of on-screen menus that match the chosen design of the frames.

Flavors will initially only be available in Italy, however a spokesperson for the company has said that if successful we will see them in the UK.

There are currently 12 frames for consumers to choose from: Blue Azure (colors), Red Chili (colors), Yellow Sun, (colors), Black Night (colors), Pure White (colors),Silver Garden (pattern), Night Garden (black pattern), Pink Passion (pattern), Silver Ripple, (pattern), Blue Fusion (pattern), Aluminum Dusk (real materials, black) and Aluminum Pure (real materials, silver).

On the TV front, the new model will come with all the usual Philips bells and whistles. Key facts are that it will be a 42-, 32- and 22-inch models offering 1080p resolution (for the 42-inch only) and 30,000:1 contrast ratio.