Philips will launch a 38mm ultra-slim, ultra-light TV which has its picture processing electronics housed in a separate hub at IFA in Germany, Pocket-lint has learnt.

The new television, which will be called Essence, will sport a 42-inch screen and be able to be hung the wall like a picture, probably in a similar way to Sony's Picture Frame range of televisions.

According to our un-named source, which we got via our contact form, the "Frame", rather than use the wireless HDMI connectivity touted by Philips in the past, be connected to the box of gubbins by a single cable.

However, it means you've now got to find somewhere for the box of tricks.

No details on screen quality however we would expect it to use the recently announced 9000 panel from Philips.

Philips has already announced that it will be officially launching the 2nd generation Aurea at the show.

Pocket-lint will be covering IFA in Germany from the 27 August.

We will keep you posted.