Philips has announced three new portable DVD players just days ahead of IFA in Germany later in the month.

The new players will sport three different designs and serve different areas of the market.

Top of the pile and costing £199.99 will be the DCP951 a tablet design player complete with an integral stand that sports a slide out iPod docking station so you can watch your movies, music videos or podcasts on the units 9-inch 16:9 screen.

The player will also sport a SD/MMC card slot and you can access movies, music and photos direct from a storage card.

The player also features a long 2.5 hour battery life and weighs just 1.1kg according to Philips.

The PET723 will come in a tablet design allow this player to act as both a digital photo frame or as a portable DVD player. According to Philips you'll be able to access images stored directly on memory cards, DVDs and CDs on its 7-inch 16:9 widescreen screen and because of an in-built battery you won't need to see unsightly cables.

Finally there will be the leatherette or aluminium finished PET940. The clamsheel designed model will offer three-hour battery life and a 9-inch 16:9 screen with a full size USB slot means you can plug in your USB storage device and access the photos and music stored on it. It will also come with a dual headphone socket.make it great to share what you are watching or listening to with a friend.

The three new models are all available from today and will cost £199.99 for the SCP951, £129.99 for the PET723 and £169.99 for the PET940.