Philips has announced pricing and availability for the its range of Ambisound products that offer a 5.1 cinema surround sound experience in compact packages.

Some models have received previous separate launch coverage, but the range in all includes three SoundBars – the HTS8150, HTS8140 for 42-inch TVs and the HTS6100, the first model designed for 37-inch TVs – plus the HTS6515, 2.1 separates sound system.

The SoundBars feature Digital Sound Processing, USB 2.0, MP3 line-in, an upscaling DVD player which outputs high definition 1080p images, 2 x 1-inch silk dome tweeters, 6 x 2.5-inch full range woofers, 6.5-inch long throw subwoofer, Philips Fullsound technology for MP3 files and DoubleBASS technology for "punchyness".

The HTS8140 and HTS8150 also include an iPod dock, Faroudja DCDi image processing and touch screen controls.

The HTS6515 is a 2.1 separates system described as thin and elegant. Standing system 48mm high, it can be either wall mounted or set up on a tabletop, offers USB 2.0 hook-up as well as MP3 line-in.

The system includes an advanced DSP system and an up-scaling DVD player outputting 1080p, while each speaker contains 3 x 2.5-inch full range integrated drivers while the 6.5-inch long throw woofer claims to provide powerful bass.

The HTS6100 will go on sale for £499 while the HTS8140 will be £749, both available in August. The HTS8150 will see a September launch at £749. The HTS6515 will be £399 on sale in August.