Philips is extending its range of Prestigo premium universal remote controls with the launch of the SRU8008, that it describes as a fully-featured entry-level model.

The SRU8008 has an incorporated, advanced on-screen set-up wizard and stored on-board control codes that claim to make it simple to use.

Philips says even the most novice of users can be up and running "in no time" thanks to a series of on-screen instructions which remove the need for a PC, a complex manual, technical support or the downloading of software over the internet.

It features a 1.4-inch, 96 x 67 full-colour LCD screen, a rotary wheel and white key backlighting for navigation.

Once set up, the most common product features can be accessible with the touch of one button while by pressing the MORE navigation key gives access to all of the functions of the dedicated remote that's being replaced.

And, the SRU8008 can also be programmed to carry out multiple commands – to simultaneously operate more than one product – via the ACTIVITIES key.

Future-proof, the new Philips universal remote currently supports "almost any product from any significant consumer electronics brand", with the option to "learn" the codes of more exotic or new remotes simply by pointing the SRU8008 at them.

Available now, the SRU8008 is on sale for around the £60 mark.