Philips has hinted that it is planning to expand its Aurea television model into a range of different sizes.

The television, which features the company's Ambilight technology within the frame facing outwards rather than backwards, aims to expand the viewing experience beyond the screen.

A spokesman for the company has told Pocket-lint that it has already designed and made a 47-inch model as well as looking at the possibility of creating smaller screen sizes beyond its current single offering of just a 42-inch screen.

When can we expect to see the new sizes? Well, according to Philips as soon as someone makes the screen panels with a thin enough bezel for the company to use, most likely in early-2009.

The company also said that it is working to include its 2008 Pixel Perfect HD chip in the television, however for now it will be sticking with the 2007 chip launched in September 2007. We will keep you posted.