MoodVision is a universal backlight that fits onto the reverse side of any flat screen television that will give you a Philips Ambilight type effect, but with your existing TV set.

The result is "an intense colourful glow that adds depth to your viewing area" and claims to make watching TV more relaxing for your eyes.

Clip mounts attach the backlight's LED strips to the flatscreen or to any other part of your living space with no tools, or drilling into your telly required.

Available in two models, the XLF 200 is operated manually while the XLF 300 is remote-controlled.

The XLF 200 model lets you choose from 15 colours, adjust the brightness to the desired intensity and activate the automatic colour show.

The XLF 300 offers a spectrum of more than 700 colours and lets you preset your four favourites.

An additional feature is the "special light flow" that can be activated to mix colours and create a personalised mood show.

An extra product add-on (the XLF 100) can be purchased to lengthen the backlight to a maximum of four LED strips if you really want to go for it.

The MoodVision products will be available from mid-November 2007 onwards, we'll bring you more on precise availability and pricing nearer the time.