Philips has announced the availability in the UK of the full HD 1080p 9632D and 9732D series of LCD televisions that contain the new Perfect Pixel HD Engine.

Available in screen sizes ranging from 32-inch to 52-inch, Philips are claiming this launch will be introducing the most advanced, powerful picture processing system yet seen on a flat panel TV.

The Perfect Pixel HD Engine uses full 10-bit digital processing, capable of handling up to 248 million pixels per second to making it the most advanced video-signal processing system on the market.

Boasting 100Hz Clear LCD, Colour Booster with 14-bit processing and HD-Natural Motion, these new panels offer 6.2 million pixels resolution, 8000:1 contrast ratio, 4 trillion colours and the fastest response time of any LCD TV at 3ms.

The sets also have Philips' Ambilight system that uses LED lighting technology - two-sided Ambilight is present on all the 9632D TVs with the 37PFL9732D boasting three-sided Ambilight Surround.

Models and availability:

32PFL9632D - £999 - Now

37PFL9632D - £1499 - September

42PFL9632D - £1799 - September

47PFL9632D - £2199 - September

52PFL9632D - £2999 - September

37PFL9732D - £1799 - September