Philips has announced a new addition to its Blu-ray player line-up. Following on from the BDP9000, the company has launched the BDP7100.

The new model, announced at IFA 2007 in Berlin, Germany will offer 1080p picture resolution and audio support for Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD High Resolution Audio.

The Philips BDP7100 supports native 24fps cinematic resolution input via HDMI, which is the same format used in movies.

In addition, the player will feature HDMI CEC that allows the control of other devices with one remote.

The BDP7100 Blu-ray Disc player is available now across Europe.

The company also used its press conference to launch three new models in the range of DVD recorders: the Philips DVDR5520H and DVDR5570H hard disk recorders, and the DVDR5500 standalone DVD recorder.

All three models are future-proof and ready for recording from both digital and analogue TV services, thanks to the inclusion of hybrid tuners.

The DVDR5520H and DVDR5570H are equipped with an "always-on" time shift buffer that easily allows the user to take full control over TV viewing – live TV can be "paused" and with just one touch of a button instant replay can be enjoyed at anytime.

Both models are equipped with 160GB and 250GB drives respectively and have 1080p unscaling capabilities while the DVDR5500 has 1080i upscalling capabilities.

No word on pricing or availability. We will keep you posted.