Hoping to take the electronics out of consumer electronics Philips has announced a new LCD television called Aurea.

The new television takes on the company's Ambilight technology and brings it to the front of the display with lights built into the frame.

Announced at IFA 2007 in Berlin, Germany, Philips hopes the new television will Seduce by Light.

On the technical side, the TVs will come only in 42-inch, and will offer 1080p support and the company's Perfect Pixel HD Engine. The also operates at 100Hz with a 3ms response time for an enhanced viewing experience removing blurry images in real time.

Soundwise and the Aurea features an "invisible" sound system which is fully integrated into the rim of the Aurea, uses 2 arrays of 12 invisible firing front drivers and, 2 subwoofer/mid speaker boxes in the bottom of the TV combined for 26 speakers.

Available from this month, Philips has yet to set a price for the new model.