Philips has launched the new HTS8100 Ambisound SoundBar home cinema system - a single speaker bar that is designed to sit under a flat TV but promises to deliver dynamic, true cinema surround sound throughout the room.

The HTS8100 SoundBar is an all-in-one system, combining speakers, 5.1 surround sound and DVD/CD player in a single integrated system, just 13cm thick, plus an external subwoofer.

Sound too good to be true? Behind the promise of "immersive, high-impact surround effect"
is technology that allows sound beams to be "steered" in the room. The technology does not rely on sound reflection off walls so it should mean that listeners will get the full "wrapping" effect whatever the shape and size of their room.

Both front and rear-channel signals are emitted by the six drivers mounted in the sound bar that claims to envelop the listener no matter where they are in the room.

The Ambisound systems feature a three-band equalizer and DoubleBASS bass performance, the speaker drivers include soft dome tweeters for increased clarity and clear voice
performance and are designed for maximum efficiency for full midrange performance.

The HTS8100 also has Faroudja DCDi processing, for an extra sharp image, and includes the capability to upscale standard DVDs to a high definition 1080p output.

Video connections include HDMI, component video and RGB Scart while external devices can be connected via a coaxial socket.

The HTS8100 will be available in July with an expected selling price of £699.99.