Philips has launched a simple one box solution that it says will offer you a complete surround sound experience in your living room without the need for a multitude of speakers or cables.

Called Ambisound SoundBar, the speakers, which are only 5-inches thick, provides a stylish system with amplifier and a DVD player all in one design.

The Ambisound SoundBar features five amplifiers, similar to a 5.1 system, integrated into a single horizontal sound bar.

The Ambisound system features a three-band equalizer and DoubleBASS deep bass performance, creating a smooth cross over between sounds. The speakers feature soft dome tweeters for increased clarity and clear voice performance and are designed for maximum efficiency for full midrange performance. Additionally, users will enjoy the Smart Surround feature, which automatically ensures correct surround sound settings whether a movie or music is playing.

The HTS8100 will be available in second quarter 2007 and retail for $999.

In addition to the HTS8100, Philips offers the HTS6600 using the same technology but in a two speaker system. Retailing at a suggested $599, the HTS6600 is available in second quarter 2007.