The Philips stand at IFA showcases the company’s flagship products, including large HD TVs, which it continues to push with Ambilight technology.

Its latest prototype LCD TV measures a massive 100 inches, and features four-sided Ambilight technology, called Full Surround, which is supposed to create an “immersive viewing experience” by matching the colour and brightnes in the images on the screen.

Philips is adding two models to its Showline Media Center, called the MCP9480i and MCP9360i. The first provides Blu-ray disc playback and recording, HDMI connectivity, and twin digital tuners

The company is also pushing Blu-ray technology, and is showing off its BDP9000 Blu-ray player, which is as-yet unreleased the UK.

With all the focus on TVs and home entertainment, Philips’ latest mp3 player, the GoGear SA9200, slipped under the radar. The “micro jukebox” measures 9cm long, weighs only 48g, and holds 2GB worth of audio tracks or photos.