The days when a thick carpet of body hair was considered the epitome of sexy masculinity are over – in most circles anyway. Thanks to the male grooming experts at Philips, Bodygroom is here to help: an all-over body shaver and trimmer designed specifically to groom male body hair.

A growing proportion of men in the UK already remove some body hair - according to research conducted by Philips, 46% of men go beyond removing just their facial hair, to grooming their body and this figure is set to grow alongside fashion and grooming trends. Our man in Amsterdam also points out that trimming your public hair makes your todger look bigger (not that I’d need that – Ed).

And it is not only men who want rid of body hair. The survey revealed that 80% of women find excess male body hair a huge turn off and prefer the smooth and groomed bodies of celebrities such as Gavin Henson and Frank Lampard.

But it’s not only the metrosexual end of the market wanting to shave themselves into perfection – cyclists and triathletes are also big fans of shaving legs. They say that it is easier to get shaved legs massaged and if you fall of your bike, it’s easier to clean off the road debris and separate flesh from accident-associated gore!

The fully adjustable Philips Bodygroom adapts to different body parts for a total body grooming experience. If a smooth, hair-free look is in order, the hypoallergenic foil head will gently shave as close as you like for a sleek effect. If neatly trimmed body hair is preferred, the trimmer attachment will clip hair to the optimum length. And for added convenience, Philips Bodygroom is 100% waterproof, so it can be safely used in the shower or bath.

Philips Bodygroom features include: Shaving head with two trimmers especially designed for body hair – for a close and smooth shave on all body parts with prevention against nicks and cuts; trimmer attachment – for neatening and trimming hair on all body parts; 100% Waterproof – for use in the shower or bath; hypoallergenic foil – suitable for even the most sensitive skin; rechargeable – 12 hours charge for a one hour’s use; convenient storage - charging stand and hanging cord.

The Philips Bodygroom TT2020 is priced £35 and is available nationwide at Argos, Boots and other good electrical retailers.

The Philips Bodygroom TT2022 is priced £50 and includes three combs for different lengths, travel pouch and three months subscription to Men's Health magazine. Available nationwide at Argos and John Lewis.