Philips' new LCD TV promises to deliver the latest and greatest audio and visual technology.

The clumsily-named 42PF9831D Flat TV combines Philips' ClearLCD system with Ambilight Full Surround and Pixel Plus 3HD processing.

It boasts Ambilight Full Surround, which projects light independently from four sides of the screen for a continuous surround lighting effect and is supposed to improve perceived picture detail and contrast.

ClearLCD is Philips' system that reduces motion blur and improves black level performance. The technology ensures that the picture has more contrast and produces much sharper moving images.

The TV is designed for HD TV, utilising Pixel Plus processing that has no need for A/D or D/A conversions and therefore delivers images with less noise.

The 42PF9831D also contains an integrated digital tuner and a 7-in-1 memory card reader, as well as supporting wired Ethernet and USB

Look out for it in retail stores for about