Philips has launched a trio of LCD sets that use the new versions of the companies Pixel Plus and Ambilight technologies - Pixel Plus 2 HD and Ambilight 2.

The three new models - 32in/37in/42in PF9830 that cost £2,299, £2,799 and £3,799 respectively offer HDMI, DVI-I, component video, USB2.0 and memory card connectivity.

Pixel Plus 2 HD improves resolution by adding more processing power to give greater precision. Images fed digitally via HDMI incur no A/D and D/A conversions within the processing chain, reducing picture noise and artefacts.

The 32/37/42PF9830 sets also feature Ambilight 2, the second generation version of Philips' ambient backlighting technology that aims to reduce eye-strain and provide a perceived improvement in picture quality.

Ambilight 2 independently projects colours from the left and right of the screen, allowing the colour and intensity to more accurately match on-screen content.

Ambilight 2 also increases brightness and colour saturation and has four - rather than the original two - viewing modes (Dynamic, Relaxed, Action and Ambiance). Output levels are fully adjustable to suit personal preferences.

Connectivity is extensive with the trio of WXGA panels all boasting HDMI and DVI-I digital inputs, component video input, two USB2.0 slots, a memory card slot, three Scart inputs (two RGB) and an Ethernet port (42PF9830 only), along with two digital audio inputs and one digital audio output.