Philips has released six new DVD recorders in an attempt to stamp its claim on the market. The new range includes Philips' first DVD-recorders to feature built in Hard Disk Drives that uniquely allow the viewer to access and retrieve content from the product's six-hour memory buffer, guaranteeing you'll never miss a favourite programme - even if you forgot to press record.

Spearheading the line-up are the DVDR725H and HDRW720 combined DVD and Hard Disk Drive recorders that offer 160GB and 80GB hard disk drives respectively, storing up to 250 hours and 130 hours of footage.

Viewed programmes are automatically stored on the adjustable six-hour Hard Disk Drive buffer and these can be retrieved, watched again, transferred to the hard drive or simply recorded onto a DVD+R/RW disc. When recording onto the hard drive, Flex Time allows you to time-shift and watch the programme from an earlier point, while the recording continues uninterrupted. Like other systems it is also possible to watch a programme stored on the hard drive while another is being recorded.

High Speed Archiving transfers favourite recordings easily and quickly - up to 20x the original recording time - onto a DVD+R/RW disc with the press of just one button, providing a simple and efficient method of archiving footage, while at the same time freeing space on the hard drive.

The four other models start with the entry-level DVDR610 and step-up DVDR615 that offer up to eight hours recording. The DVDR520H houses an 80GB HDD allowing up to 130 hours of recording time. Like the DVDR725H and HDRW720, the DVDR520H offers Instant Replay and Pause Live TV functionality and one-touch recording from the hard drive to DVD disc at x12 speed.

The DVDR630VR is Philips' first DVDR/VCR

The HDRW720 will cost £550, the DVDR725H £650, the DVDR520H £450, the DVDR615 £280, the DVDR610 £250, and the DVDR630VR £400, all the models will be available in the next couple of months.