Philips has announced a new flat screen television that comes complete with its own ambient lighting source. The television, which uses Ambilight technology works by 'intelligently' projecting light from the rear of the set in an almost infinite combination of possible colours, shades and intensity.

Viewers can choose to have Ambilight follow the colour and brightness of the programme content - automatically changing with the colours on the screen - or alternatively the light levels and colour can be set to match the interior decor or mood in the room

When the television isn't on the the unit simply becomes a lamp. The new Philips sets are also the first to utilise built-in NXT Monolith speakers mounted around the LCD panels and developed so that the outer surface of the TV cabinet is the actual speaker membrane; allowing the speakers to remain virtually invisible.

The new Flat TVs feature Ambilight on select models across the range and include 32', 37', 42' and 50' screen sizes. However with prices starting at £3000 for the 32in and going up to £6000 for the 50in it might just be cheaper to buy a lamp and stick it behind the television to create the same effect.