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(Pocket-lint) - DTS has announced that TP Vision has committed to supporting DTS Play-Fi multi-room audio technology on its Philips-branded TVs and speakers going forward.

The DTS Play-Fi tech has largely been supported at the higher-end of the home entertainment market, and is a high quality wireless audio standard that connects multiple devices around the home together.


With Philips support, the standard will gain a wider reach. TP Vision has revealed that it plans to include compatibility in its televisions, soundbars and other speakers: "DTS Play-Fi provides a seamless solution to connect our audio and visual product lines with a set of unique functionality not available through other solutions," said TPV director, Ken Liao

"With DTS Play-Fi’s innovative use of standard Wi-Fi technology, we will be able to deliver a premium wireless experience across a wide range of products and price points that can establish the TV as the heart of the home."

They will join an ecosystem that already contains more 200 interoperable speakers from brands such as Arcam, Polk, Onkyo, Pioneer and Wharfedale.

DTS Play-Fi supports surround sound, as well as whole-home TV audio streaming and multiroom music, so future Philips TVs could serve as the hub of a wider collection of connected products.

Writing by Rik Henderson.