The Philips OLED+ 903 is the first television created by the TV manufacturer in partnership with supreme British audio brand Bowers & Wilkins. That means it boasts incredible audio for a flatscreen and an exclusive speaker system that delivers big, beefy bass levels while keeping keen control over clarity - at high or low volumes.

It superbly matches the superb 4K HDR picture quality provided by the top-of-the-range OLED panel and immersive three-sided Ambilight that directs relevant colourfields onto a back wall.

But what should discs should you spin to get the best effect? What Blu-rays are available that will give your TV and Bowers & Wilkins sound system a decent workout?

We've rounded-up 10 Blu-rays with incredible soundtracks that we use as test discs ourselves. They each deserve to be matched with a Philips OLED+ 903 TV.


Warner BrosBest Soundtracks For Your Philips Oled 903 Tv image 2

Winner of two Oscars for sound editing and mixing, Dunkirk is possibly the best film to test any audio system.

The opening sequence alone, with possibly the loudest, most tangible gun fire heard in any movie, will have you shaking in your boots. We recommend the 4K Blu-ray edition, naturally, as you also get superb visuals to match the superlative soundtrack.

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

Twentieth Century FoxBest Soundtracks For Your Philips Oled 903 Tv image 3

For a very long while, the Blu-ray version of Master and Commander has been the check disc of choice by home cinema installation professionals.

That's mainly thanks to the incredible ship battle sequence, that rocks the entire house with a cacophony of cannon fire and destruction. You certainly feel like you are placed right in the heart of the action.

The Dark Knight

Warner BrosBest Soundtracks For Your Philips Oled 903 Tv image 5

Not only is it renowned as being the best of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy and amongst the best superhero films of all time, it has a throaty, varied soundtrack that will really test your speakers.

Even the bank heist at the very start of the movie employs deep bass levels and a tension rising musical score. Now you can get it on 4K Blu-ray too. Double win.


DisneyBest Soundtracks For Your Philips Oled 903 Tv image 6

Disney is relatively late to the 4K party so Moana is only available in 1080p at present. That doesn't stop the excellent musical soundtrack from being amongst the studio's best, however.

It has a powerful kick in both songs and action sequences that will have you singing along and trembling with your family in equal measure. And it's got The Rock in it. What more do you want?

John Wick: Chapter 2

Summit EntertainmentBest Soundtracks For Your Philips Oled 903 Tv image 7

The opening scenes of this action sequel are almost worth buying the 4K Blu-ray on their own. A high-speed road chase is a treat in audio terms - as loud as it is involving.

And that's just the start. The action rarely lets up in this Keanu Reeves vehicle and that requires deft control from a quality speaker system.

Blade Runner 2049

Warner BrosBest Soundtracks For Your Philips Oled 903 Tv image 8

A stunning film in so many respects, the Blade Runner sequel pays homage to the original Vangelis score with a highly impressive musical underlayer by Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch.

It is mood setting and haunting, while helping to highlight plot points for the viewer. Add to that keen control over the low grumble of vehicles and thud of weapons discharging and you have a test disc of the highest standard. Both the 4K Blu-ray and standard Blu-ray have the same audio mix, but we obviously recommend the Ultra HD version for the sumptuous visuals.


New Line CinemaBest Soundtracks For Your Philips Oled 903 Tv image 9

An oldie but one of the Blu-rays we always turn to when wanting to test an audio system. That's primarily down to the opening sequence in the vampire infested nightclub at the beginning. The thumping bass lines in the Pump Panel remix of New Order's Confusion have us wanting to be there ourselves, raining blood and all.

Considering Blade is a Marvel superhero creation, it's a surprise he hasn't been resurrected for a movie universe outing yet, or Netflix Originals TV series.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Warner BrosBest Soundtracks For Your Philips Oled 903 Tv image 10

Although dialogue is at a premium in the incredible return of Mad Max, the film's audio is massive in both scope and importance. The truck growls through the desert with the entire score lifting as the War Boys near. It's visceral and enveloping.

We recommend the 4K Blu-ray edition most, considering the incredible video transfer, but all versions have the same aural impact.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

DisneyBest Soundtracks For Your Philips Oled 903 Tv image 4

One of Disney's few 4K Blu-ray releases, The Last Jedi has an excellent soundtrack that shows class and subtlety during the lightsaber fight in Snoke's chamber especially.

Then there is the final battle across the salt-strewn landscape of Crait. It looks and sounds beautiful in equal measure.

Tron: Legacy

DisneyBest Soundtracks For Your Philips Oled 903 Tv image 11

The Daft Punk score has to be one of the best of all time. Tron: Legacy is worth consideration for that alone.

It booms and pulses throughout the film, raising your heart rate at just the right points and, while using contemporary dance tropes, stills sounds futuristic and sci-fi as ever.