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(Pocket-lint) - Philips is embracing HDR10+ for its 2018 OLED TVs and a couple of premium sets at the top end of its LED range.

The extended high dynamic range technology enhances TV and movie viewing further as it can adjust the picture properties depending on source images.

Standard HDR10 is a static format, so applies colour and contrast effects across all frames, which means dark scenes are treated the same as bright ones, resulting in duller or overblown pictures. HDR10+ is dynamic, so looks at each scene individually and applies tone mapping to suit.

The sets that will come with HDR10+ support from the box are the Philips 8303, 8503, OLED 803, OLED 873 and OLED 973. They are all expected to hit stores around spring-to-summer time.

Philips explained to us that the format might even be introduced to existing models, such as the OLED 9002, in future. But that's only in the testing and planning stage at the moment.

Another addition to the company's 2018 TVs is Google Assistant. It will be available on sets with Android TV Nougat or above and will be introduced once Google releases a UK English voice recognition update. Other languages will then follow.

Some 2017 TVs will also be upgraded, with a full list to follow later down the line.

Google Assistant on Philips TVs will be activated through the microphone on the company's remote controls. You press a button and make a request, including control of your smart home gadgets. This way, you don't have to precede questions with "OK Google".

Writing by Rik Henderson.