(Pocket-lint) - Philips has announced that its latest picture processing chip, the P5 Picture Engine, will be used in 23 different sets across its 2018 TV range; including LED models as well as the higher end OLEDs.

However, during its dedicated TV launch event in Amsterdam, we were also shown the processing engine that will succeed it in late 2018, early 2019.


It doesn't have a name yet and is only installed in a prototype version of one of its earlier TVs at present - the OLED 901F - but when viewed side-by-side with a P5 Engine powered OLED 9002 model it was very apparent that we've only touched the surface when it comes to great images.

Indeed, we've been very wowed by the P5 Engine in all the sets that use it. The chip provides great motion, contrast and many other benefits, but the next generation version offers even better colour management and detail control - from our initial glance.


The details picked out of a mountain scene, for example, were far better defined than on the current, excellent 9002. Colours had more saturation without clipping, so brighter, more vibrant pictures with more detail. It's a definite wow in our book.

There's no word yet on when the new picture engine might be first deployed - it still needs work by Philips to squeeze it onto one chip rather than the two it occupies for the prototype.

We have been told though to see something more on the new engine at the IFA consumer electronics trade show at the end of August.

Writing by Rik Henderson.