Philips has been a premier TV manufacturer for many years and its latest sets are among the greatest in the world. That's thanks to many factors, including premium design and the Android smart TV platform, but two stand out more than most: the P5 picture processing engine and Ambilight.

Here we explain the benefits both technologies provide and give you a run-down of the Philips TVs that sport them. That should help you decide which Philips TV with P5 picture processing and Ambilight would best suit you.

What is the P5 Perfect Picture Engine?

The new Philips P5 engine is the company's most comprehensive picture solution yet to ensure you are getting the best viewing experience no matter the source material. You can be watching a standard definition TV broadcast, a Blu-ray or 4K Ultra HD content and the P5 Engine will enhance and improve the visuals to provide the very best images.

It is also superb with video and games that offer high dynamic range (HDR) pictures - providing a wider palette of colours and greater contrast between deep, dark black levels and searing brightness.

The P5 introduces 25 per cent more processing power than any previous Philips picture engine, and its efficient single-chip design manages to offer the same functionality as previous three-chip systems, yet with better end results.

As its name suggests, the P5 system works on all five of the most important areas of picture quality: motion, colour, sharpness, contrast and source recognition.

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What is Ambilight?

Ambilight is a technology that features strips of LED lights that range along two or three sides of a Philips TV. They react to the action on screen, casting light behind and to the sides of the set, extending the colours displayed in a TV show, film or videogame.

Only Philips TVs come with Ambilight and once you have seen it in action, it is hard to see a time when you wouldn't want the same effect when watching television.

The lights can also be set to a specific colour, if you don't want them to change to follow the on-screen action, and you can combine them with a Philips Hue lighting system - through the TV's menu - in order to expand the experience even further.

Philips OLED TVs have used Ambilight to even greater effect in recent times thanks to the superslim, almost invisible bezels the screen technology also affords. That means the gap between the display and the light show is so small it's like the pictures expand beyond the confines of the television.

What Philips TVs with the P5 Picture Engine and Ambilight should you consider?

Here are the currently available televisions with both P5 processing and Ambilight.

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Philips 55POS9002

The latest Philips OLED TV has P5 processing and three-sided Ambilight - projecting from the left and right sides, plus the top of the set. It is the flagship set in the Philips family.

The 9002 is a 55-inch 4K HDR TV with Android TV and the Google Play app store available for games and access to streaming services. A quad-core processor ensures all the smart TV features run very quickly indeed and you can store apps on the 16GB of built-in storage. That can be expanded through a USB drive too.

30W stereo speakers with Triple-ring audio technology are compatible with DTS-HD Premium Sound, while all four HDMI connections around the rear are compatible with 4K HDR video and HDCP 2.2 compliance.

As an OLED TV, it has incredible deep and involving black levels, plus top-of-its-class brightness.

Best for: People who want the very best TV technology on the market.

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Philips 55PUS8602

The next set down the ladder, but just as impressive is a 4K HDR LED option with Quantum Dot pixel technology. The latter technology ensures you get superb brightness and exceptional colour saturation.

It too is a 55-inch TV with three-sided Ambilight and has Android TV running its smart TV capabilities, plus 16GB of on-board storage and a quad-core processor.

There is, of course, the P5 Perfect Picture Engine processing, which ensures pictures from all sources look at their very best.

For sound, you get a "floating" soundbar with the 8602, which offers 50W of power using double-ring technology. DTS-HD Premium Sound is again supported.

Four HDMI ports can be found around the rear and while LED is not as capable as OLED for black levels, its 1,000cd/m2 peak brightness ensures you get amazing contrast, even on non-HDR content.

Best for: People who want superb pictures and sound but don't have the budget to stretch for an OLED television.

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Philips 49/55/65PUS7502

Although it too is available as a 55-inch set, the 7502 series LED TVs are also available in 49-inch and 65-inch sizes, so provide different options for your living room. If you have the space, there's nothing quite like a 65-inch television to turn your home experience into a cinematic one.

All three are also three-sided Ambilight sets, have Android TV installed and come with quad-core processors and 16GB of internal storage. They also have P5 picture processing, so offer class-leading images like their stablemates, and are 4K HDR TVs with excellent contrast and wider colour gamuts.

The main difference between these sets and the 8602 series is 45W of stereo sound rather than the soundbar. Triple-ring technology is still present, however. As is DTS-HD Premium Sound.

As all of the above sets, the 7502 series sport four HDMI ports, with HDCP 2.2 copy protection on HDMI 1 and 2.

Best for: Those looking for other sizes and excellent performance, especially the 65-inch model that can turn your living room into a cinema.