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(Pocket-lint) - At IFA 2017 in Berlin, hundreds of companies took to the showfloor to give us a sneak peak at what's around the corner in the world of consumer electronics. Among them was Philips, showing off its range of new smart connected bulbs, toothbrushes and - of course - televisions.

There were two important TVs shown off by the company - both running the latest version of Android TV. The beautiful Quantom Dot 8602 set and the flagship, awe-inspiring 65-inch 9-series OLED that likely won't be coming until the beginning of next year, and recently won our "best of show" award at IFA 2017. 

While both sets have their unique feature points, there is one important similarity between them and many other upcoming Philips TVs. That's the P5 image processor.

Philips describes the P5 as five processors in one. The P stands for perfection, and the 5 signifies the five elements it's designed to "perfect". Those are source perfection, perfect colour, perfect sharpness, perfect motion and perfect contrast.

What this means in real terms is that even if the source material is blocky and pixelated, the P5 image processor can upscale and sharpen, removing blocks, giving a more stable picture. Pictures are vivid, sharpness is improved and motion is smooth. Even with vivid colours, detail isn't lost, and blacks are very deep, again without losing detail.

The end result is a picture that should look as good whether you're watching fast paced motion, bright colours or contrasting light levels.

Philips 9-series 65-inch OLED

The upcoming 64-inch 9-series OLED (likely to be called the 9603) is undoubtedly the star of the show. Its large 4K panel is bright and sharp, and the Ambilight behind the set - as with other similar sets - helps extend the content beyond the borders of the display.

With its impressive 900 nit brightness and OLED's ability to completely switch off pixels for infinitely deep blacks, the newest Philips OLED can deliver a really impressive contrast ratio. In our viewing, the blacks really were impressively deep. The TV also has a very wide colour gamut, around 99% DCI-P3.

Like the 901F before it, the new 9-series has a built-in soundbar which also acts as a stand, but can also be adjusted if you need to wall-mount the TV. It's a 6.1 sound system, with six tweeters throwing sound out of the front and a deep Triple Ring woofer at the back to fill in the low ends.

All of this equipped into a TV with very minimal bezel, and an impressively slim chassis, makes for an eye-catching TV set that deserves to be the centre piece of your entertainment setup.

Philips 8602 Quantum Dot

Philips isn't just producing OLED TVs this year, it also showed off the new 8602; a set that uses an LED Quantom Dot panel. Because it's LED, it's brighter than the 9-series (at 1,100 nits), has impressive viewing angles and great colour reproduction. It doesn't produce the same levels of black, however.

With this set - while the picture is impressive, and the three-sided Ambilight and 6.1 sound system will make it among the most immersive out there - it's the industrial design that caught our eye.

The large 4K display is surrounded by a comparatively thick but attractive brushed metal frame that's perfectly square, minimal and timeless. This classic design features in the attached sound-bar too which - like the 9-series - is covered in a luxurious Kvadrat cloth.

The front firing speakers are housed in this long, rectangular casing running parallel to the bottom of the TV. If you're not wall mounting, this speaker system sits behind the stylish metal feet and almost appears to be floating independently.

It's coming in both 55-inch and 65-inch versions some time later this year. 

Over the coming 12 months, all the usual suspects will be releasing their next generation flagships TVs. Sony, Panasonic, LG and Samsung - among others - will be pushing the boundaries of what we can expect in terms of viewing experience.

With the new 9-series and 8602, Philips is showing it can compete with the best of them and - with the P5 image processor, Ambilight and sound bars - offer a complete experience you just can't get from anywhere else.

Writing by Cam Bunton. Originally published on 1 September 2017.