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(Pocket-lint) - There are some incredible recent television innovations that make the latest TVs the best we've ever had, but of them all, the technology that most impresses is OLED.

The display technology is by far and away the biggest breakthrough for picture quality in years. It ensures deep, dark black levels and vibrant, solid colours, so if you're after the best you really need to consider an OLED TV.

Philips is carving a niche for itself in OLED, with added benefits making its TVs highly desirable. Its second OLED TV, the 55POS9002, offers the spectacular, rich colours, superthin design and superlative contrast of OLED, along with its own, proprietary Ambilight technology to provide an immersive, breathtaking viewing experience. It also offers a higher peak light output, making for a truly stunning set.

Here then are five great reasons why you should consider the Philips 9002 when opting to buy a premium, flagship TV.


OLED, or Organic Light Emitting Diode, technology has enormous benefits over traditional LED backlit LCD TV tech. For a start, as each pixel is capable of emitting its own light, there is no need for a backlight and therefore there is no danger of light bleed between pixels.

LCD TVs cannot switch off each pixel individually, so you can get colours looking slightly washed out and less intense black levels than on an OLED equivalent.

In addition, the lack of a backlight also ensures OLED panels are superthin, so allow for more spectacular design aesthetics. Again, this is where an LED cannot compare. No matter how thin the display is, the backlight adds depth to the set.

Another area where OLED is favourable to LCD/LED technology is in motion. An OLED TV has unprecedented response time - where the screen refreshes - to create super smooth action and judder-free pictures. With a slower response time, LCD can suffer more with both.

Without a shadow of a doubt, OLED images are the best you can get.

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While other manufacturers offer OLED TVs, only Philips includes Ambilight with its models.

Ambilight uses small LEDs set into the back of the television that shine colours onto a back wall as you watch films or TV shows. The colours directly reflect the action on the screen, changing to perfectly match the TV shows or movies you watch.

The lights therefore extend the viewing experience beyond the confines of your TV screen, turning your back wall into an extension of the action and making for a superbly immersive experience.

In addition, as OLED picture technology allows for extremely thin bezels around the picture, the three-sided Ambilight around the Philips 9002 provides an almost seamless extension of the images on the screen itself. And because the OLED images are more vibrant and colourful than other TV tech, the overall effect is dazzling.

P5 Perfect Picture Engine

The Philips 9002 is a 4K Ultra HD TV using Philips' latest proprietary image processing: the P5 Perfect Picture Engine.

That means dedicated picture processing ensures that, even with standard and Full HD video, you get the sharpest, most accurate visuals possible. Colours are vibrant, whites are brilliant and bright, while black levels are strong and deep. And all this is achieved while ensuring that skin tones and other natural hues are rendered perfectly.

Motion is also smooth and free of blurring and artefacts.

There are five pillars to the P5 Engine: Source Perfection, Perfect Colour, Perfect Contrast, Perfect Sharpness and Perfect Motion. It has a reduced number of chips in comparison to the previous generation engine, from three to one, which means all picture processing can be carried out faster and in an optimal order that wasn’t possible with the previous multi-chip installation. End result: superb pictures.

PhilipsWhy the Philips 9002 is the flagship OLED TV youll want WIP image 2


As well as crisp 4K pictures, the 9002 has HDR and HLG tech on board. The latter makes it futureproof as that's the standard expected to be adopted by TV broadcasters.

High Dynamic Range and similar Hybrid Log Gamma support means that the TV can display a much wider range of colours than conventional sets, alongside higher brightness and deeper black levels. The contrast on the 9002 is simply extraordinary.

HDR games and movies - as provided by consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, plus 4K Blu-ray players and streaming services, such as Netflix and Amazon Video - will amaze and immerse you more, thanks to the most realistic colours yet.

Android TV

As well as a superb way to watch films and TV shows through sources plugged into the four HDMI ports, you can also access Android TV apps and services when the 9002 is connected to the internet.

Both Wi-Fi and wired internet connectivity are on offer through the television and the Android TV platform ensures that you can run many services and apps, including games, directly on the set itself.

The previously mentioned Netflix and Amazon Video, plus Spotify and other major streaming services are available on the TV, so you don't require a separate media streamer. And thanks to the 9002's quad-core processor, they all run as smoothly as on the latest smartphones.