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(Pocket-lint) - Philips sprung the Elevation - its first television to feature four-sided Ambilight technology - into the internet ether in July, but only now have we had the chance to lay eyes on the colourful set. And it's really rather brilliant.

Ambilight projects colour on to the surrounding walls based on the on-screen image in real-time for an immersive viewing experience. Sounds rather gimmicky, you might think, but we've grown fond of the tech in its three-sided format already. Our only qualm has been the obvious lack of Ambilight from the bottom edge - and that's what the 60-inch Elevation puts right. Finally.


Pocket-lintphilips elevation we take a look at the first television with four sided ambilight image 2

But there are loads of other features to sing about too. The super-thin bezel, high-quality finish and "elevated" position from the wall all have plenty of appeal. Projected away from the wall the panel - which measures a mere 1.4cm in depth - has enough distance to really let the Ambilight colours fly.

Picture quality on-screen looked tip-top too, although in the controlled environment that is the Philips show floor at the IFA electronics event, we weren't able to play with the various back-light, brightness and other settings. But rest assured, and just like other Philips tellies, there are stacks of customisation features on board to help acquire picture perfection.

If you're after a showpiece for your home then we reckon Philips has produced an impressive television that would look great mounted on any wall. But it comes at a price: the Philips Elevation will cost an elevated-beyond-its-peers £2,800 when it launches in the UK later this year.

Writing by Mike Lowe.