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(Pocket-lint) - We knew that a Philips 4K television was on the way, but the company has been somewhat coy when it's come to the details. Wait no longer, as the IFA electronics trade show in Berlin was used as the platform to show off the latest 65-inch PFL9708.

Philips does things a bit differently to other TV manufacturers. It may not be ahead of the curve when it comes to smart TV connectivity, but it's the only company to offer Ambilight, the edge colour illumination that makes for an "extended picture" viewing experience. It sounds gimmicky, but we think it's très cool and have been fond of it in the various HD tellies that we've seen. 


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But now it's here in 4K, and it looks stunning. The Ambilight seems to finish short compared to some earlier models, in that the lower portion of the TV ceases to have the lights run down the left and right sides to the very bottom, but the overall effect is still strong.

Pocket-lintphilips 65pfl9708 tv eyes on 4k is here and it looks stunning with ambilight image 2

We're yet to go in-depth with the 65PFL9708, but Philips promises more Smart TV features and app updates to make it the most connected television yet. A step in the right direction, by the sounds of things.

The image looked cracking to us too, although the LCD panel with Ultra Pixel HD Engine upscaling was showing tailored material - so who knows what upscaled TV will look like at this stage. Something we look forward to playing around with when we get to review unit of this UHD monster into the office.

The giant 65-inch screen may be large, but its 4,999 euros (£4,229) price tag is far from huge. And side-on the slim panel measures in at under 5cms including all the inputs and outputs around the back.

If anything we didn't expect Philips to go into the market so competitively with price. But competitive the 9000-series sure is, and the company's push into 4K looks like a serious one to watch.

Writing by Mike Lowe.