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(Pocket-lint) - We're already big fans of Philips Hue and now it's also compatible with Philips Ambilight televisions. Pocket-lint experimented with the expanded Hue app on the Philip's stand at this year's IFA electronics show to see what the update is all about.

Any Philips Ambilight televisions can now incorporate with Hue - the app-controlled multi-colour lighting system that includes the likes of Friends of Hue LightStrips and more - to create a "surround lighting" system. Move over surround sound, eh?


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The tech is TV-centric, however, so it's not possible to use a static TV as a light source when switched off. Instead the TV has to be on and can deliver real-time Ambilight to up to 50 Hue points that you can control and virtually position within the app to match your own set-up at home.

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A simple virtual button within the app toggles the expanded Ambilight experience on or off if things get a bit too disco-crazy for your liking.

If you're a Hue user then Philips just gave you another reason to buy a Philips TV, it seems. Immersion might reach the point of distraction, however, but it's a bit of fun to play around with and, used subtly, could definitely add to the experience.

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Writing by Mike Lowe.