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(Pocket-lint) - TP Vision CEO Martins de Vries took to the stage at the IFA 2013 Global Press Conference to talk up the features of Philips' 2013 line of televisions, revealing some of the specifics of the use of the Smart TV platform.

According to de Vries, in 2012, 76 per cent of Philips TV owners used Smart TV apps more than 25 times a month, suggesting that this isn't an also-ran feature on the latest sets.

Taking this one stage further, 43 per cent of this app usage was for catch-up TV services, like BBC iPlayer in the UK.

However, movie rentals aren't left out in the cold, with a film being rented more than once every minute on a Philips TV. Overall, each month, Philips is delivering more than 110,000 hours of content through Smart TV.

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Philips Smart TV brings a range of features to its televisions, whilst also enabling the second screen experience, bringing TV content to devices like the iPhone or iPad.

With a full range of televisions already revealed for 2013, de Vries also teased that there will be more innovation coming to the Ambilight technology that's embedded in a number of its sets.

"We will come with some new concepts at the IFA timeframe, so more on Ambilight," said de Vries.

Obviously feeling confident, the TP Vision CEO then went on to state: "our audio in our sets is superior to our competition … sound is part of the integral viewing experience."

With Philips previously outing its range-topping DesignLine television, expectant eyes turn to IFA 2013 in September to see what comes next.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 19 April 2013.